Tata's Cafe/Bakery

We make everything here.  We only use fresh natural ingredients.  Taste the difference....

Mezze Plate 22

Tata’s crostinis, marinated feta, marinated olives, herb pesto, tomato & onion salsa                                       

Beef, Pork,  Bacon & mild chili  Sausage Roll 7.50

Spinach & Feta Frittata 8.50

with tomato & onion salsa

Chorizo & potato Frittata 8.50

With tomato & onion salsa

Mini Pepperoni Frittata 2.50

Ham & Cheese Croissant 7.50

Lemon Marmalade Tart 7.50

With custard & whipped cream

Caramel Date Cake 7.50

With caramel sauce & chantilly cream

Banana Bread with carrot & quinoa7.50

Warm with butter

Banana & Carrot Cake 7.50

With warm caramel & Chantilly cream

Apple Crumble Sundae 16.50

Homemade roasted apple & French salted caramel ice-cream, caramel sauce, crumble topping, whipped cream & cinnamon star

Choc Fudge Sundae  7.50 / 15.5

Vanilla ice-cream, red berries, Chocolate Fudge sauce & whipped cream

Salted Caramel Sundae 7.50 / 15.5

Vanilla ice-cream, red berries, salted caramel sauce & whipped cream

Shakes 8.50

 - Berry Blaster

 - Super Green Shake

- Matcha Fruit Smoothie

- Beetroot & Apple Booster

- Matcha Tea Smoothie

Power Protein Balls 3.50

Revitalizing Ice-Tea Jars 10.50

Summer Iced Tea Jar

Vanilla tea, infused with mint, peaches & strawberries

Iced Jasmine Tea Jar

Jasmine Tea, infused with lychees and citrus & mint

Iced Hibiscus Flower Tea Jar

Hibiscus flower Tea with berries, apple, lemon & fresh lemon basil


Not so Bloody Mary 12.50

Fresh lemon juice, tomato juice, tobasco, Worcestershire       

Dust Settler 12.50

Pineapple, apple, sprite & grenadine

Coconut & Strawberry Cooler 12.50

Sweet strawberries blended with coconut water

Berry Smoothie 12.50

All-time favourite blend of fresh berries, milk and cream

Fruit Cooler 12.50

Strawberry, pineapple, apple juice, blended with ice

Strawberry & Lemon Frappe $7.50

A refreshing icy drink of strawberries & lemon juice